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Photo: Tara Simpson, Edible Ottawa

For Big Buyers


In addition to our Farmers Markets and CSA programs, we provide vegetables to some of the finest stores, restaurants, other farm's CSA programs and microprocessors throughout Eastern Ontario. We provide delivery into Kingston, Brockville and Ottawa year round.


Restaurants and Stores - Please contact us for a price list and availability. We have a wide array of vegetables during the summer, as well as a large variety of storage and greenhouse crops throughout the winter months.


CSA’s - Planning to diversify your offerings, fill out your shares or need some storage crops for a winter share? Let us grow and store for you!


Microprocessors - Looking for a source of local, organic products for your products?We specialize in 'kraut and Napa cabbage, daikon’s for kimchi, squash for soup etc. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Bulk Buying for Individual - Looking to buy by the bushell for canning, pickling, freezing or cellaring? We've got you covered!


For more information, or for a price list and availability please e-mail sales@rootsdown.ca or call 613-532-0581.Thanks!