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Online Farm Store


Online Farm Store

How it works

This season we are using an web-based software program called "Farmigo" to manage our CSA program. This service also provides an on-line store feature which may be used by members. Membership to this services is obtained by either:

  1. Joining the CSA program - CSA members may use the on-line store to add on to their weekly/bi-weekly CSA delivery.
  2. "Buying-in" to this service with a payment - this will give you a balance on your account. This involves a simple registration process to purchase a minimum "buy-in" of $200, which will give you a bonus of $10 to use in the store. After you have signed up for the store credit, you will have the option of using this to purchase veggies which we will have available in the store for the duration of the CSA season (18 weeks). As you order veggies your balance will be adjusted. This service will allow for a negative balance, however if we do not receive payment to bring the balance out of the negative we will not be able to complete the order. You may add to your balance as needed with any amount.

When can I order from the on-line store?

Veggies from the store will be available for the duration of the summer CSA season of 18 weeks and fall season of 4 weeks (4 bi-weekly pick-ups). The store will be open each Friday prior to the delivery week until Monday at 12:30 pm. This gives you a window of about 3.5 days to place your order.

What items will be available for purchase?

All of the items that would be available from our farmers' market stall, including all of the veggie varieties that we grow and any farm products, will be available in the store as they are in season. The prices will reflect our farmers' market prices. Also, bulk veggies will be available in the store for those who will want them for processing/canning/storing etc.

Where and when can I pick-up?

You can pick up your order at any of the CSA pick-up locations and times. When registering for your store account you will be asked to select a location for pick up. If you need to change your pick-up location, you may do this up until the evening before delivery in order for us to receive this information in time.

The pick-up dates run the duration of the 18 week CSA season and 4-week fall season.

What if I have an unused balance at the end of the 18 week CSA season?

You are able to continue ordering from the web-store for the fall season delivery dates. There are four, bi-weekly, fall CSA delivery dates.

What Payment Options do I Have?

Payment can be made through PayPal, check or Interac e-mail transfer from your online banking service. 

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